Thursday, December 19, 2013


toxicachristmascard by tinyseams
toxicachristmascard, a photo by tinyseams on Flickr.

Merry Christmas from me and Toxica!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

The start of a doll crafting blog

I've decided to create a blog based on a discussion of crafting for dolls. I've been creating fashions, dioramas, wigs, shoes and accessories for fashion dolls for many years. I have knitted, sewn, crocheted, painted and have done sculpting for dolls. I do flat pattern drafting to make my own designs and patterns. Decoration and furnishing of dolls been a obesssion and passion of mine for many years. I enjoy photography very much also. Here's a picture of a wonderful porcelain doll made by Superfrock. She is Innoquii!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Fun with Photofunia

Fun with Photofunia
Here's a photo I customized using this fun website. You upload a photo from your computer to allow the site to photoshop your image into their template. Many are based on face rcognition so you have to choose one of your photos that shows a face that easy to recognize by their software. Here I chose one of my doll photos. The doll's face is Antoinette by Tonner. She was purchased as a manikin blank faced doll. I did the face up on her. She is a little angel now!
The poster format was done at Picnik I added a footer to the frame and added the text "Joy to the world!" to make the photo look like a poster.